About Me

I work as a software developer.  Photography is my hobby.  I have only a few weeks of vacation time each year, and I usually get to take photos only when I travel on my vacation. With my traveling being vacation-centric, the photos I take tend to be about places, people and their ways of life.

My first hobbyist grade digital camera was a Nikon D60 I bought back in 2008, and it got me hooked.  I currently travel with a Nikon D750, a Sony A6000 and a Sony Rx100M3.  Additionally, my iPhone has become a regular camera for candid and street shooting.  These cameras serve as a backup for one another, although none has failed on me yet.

My most recent gear upgrade was actually a late 2016 Mac Book Pro,  replacing the old 2011 vintage that seemed to have a hard time keeping up with the newer generation of photo software.

Even though I have had this account for several years, I still don’t know that much about WordPress, and my blogging is still far and in between (like a few times a year).  I’m still enjoying my full-time work and not planning on changing anything at the moment.

Thanks for your visit.



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