May 28, 2018

You need a power bank.

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As I have become more and more dependent on my mobile phone for daily activities, stretching the battery life has become a challenge.  Simple uses like photo taking and map navigation are big power drains to the phone.  I found myself on many occasions that I had to restrict my phone use to make it last enough for my need.

Last year I decided to get a power bank.  It turned out to be a very good decision for it quickly became indispensable during my most recent trip.  There were so many days during my 3-week trip that I left the hotel early in the morning and did not have access to a power outlet again until the evening.  I simply put the power bank in my messenger camera bag with my iPhone and plugged in the charging as needed.  Sometimes I even take photos with the iPhone connected to the charger.

I almost always open the Google map app while riding on a taxicab and such.  It’s a good way get the bearing on the location.  Using the map on the mobile phone doesn’t cost a lot of data usage but it is a big battery drain.  With the power bank during the previous trip, I just left the phone connected to the power bank while running the map app.

When choosing a power bank for traveling, more power isn’t always better because more power means more weight and larger size.  For a single phone use,  a power bank of 5000-10000 mah (milliampere-hour) capacity with the weight of 5-8 ounces will work well.   For recent the generation of phone models such as the iPhone X and Galaxy s9, you shouldn’t go below 5000 mah.  These new phones have a larger battery and will need at least 5000 mah for a full charge.

Unless you don’t plan to charge your power bank after use nightly, any capacity above 10000 mah is unnecessary.   As you go for a higher capacity, the more weight you’ll have to pack and carry.  From my travel experience, you’d want to avoid packing more weight than you need.

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