December 17, 2016

Camera Gear Packing For My Upcoming Trip

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I’m about the take off on a 3-week vacation to Thailand.  This is not photographic trip but I will look for opportunities to take photos when practical.  I have a Tamrac backpack with wheels for my gear that is good for a carry-on.  As in the past trips, I’m bringing 3 cameras with me —  a Nikon D750 DSLR, a Sony a6000 mirrorless and a Sony RX100 M3.

I use the D750 for the static shooting of subjects where I take the time to compose each shot.  The shooting may involve the use of a tripod.  Occasionally, I use it for a photo walk If I’m in an area where I feel comfortable enough to carry it around.  The lens of choice on the camera for most outdoor shooting is a Nikkor 28-300 mm zoom. Although I own a few prime lenses, I rarely take them with me on my trip.  The second lens for the D750 is the Nikkor 18-35 mm wide-angle zoom.  These 2 lenses pretty much cover most of the occasions.

The Sony mirrorless, with it being relatively light and compact, is great for urban and street photography, particularly when there are a lot of people around. I recently replaced the 16-50 mm kit lens with a considerably larger and heavier 16-70 mm lens.  I took it out for a photo walk recently, and it seemed to be more noticeable to people than the kit lens.In addition to the 16-70 mm, I also bring along the 10-18 mm wide-angle zoom lens.  The thing I like a lot about the a6000 is the tilting screen that allows me to easily vary positions and orientations and shoot from different points of view.

The Sony RX100 M3 being so tiny that it doesn’t really take up any packing space.  I tend to keep it my pocket we go out for the daytime sightseeing. The camera’s ready time is not very good.   but it’s nevertheless a very versatile camera to carry around.  Having a quiet electronic shutter is its big advantage.  I can aim close to a subject and press the shutter button without causing an alarm to anyone.

My iPhone 6p that I acquired this past summer, despite of its limitations, has been getting more use as a camera.  I use the camera inside the Lightroom Mobile app the majority of the time.  What I like about the Lr Mobile is the support of the raw dng format and the auto sync via the cloud to the desktop.  After the photos are sync to my desktop catalog, I can simply delete then in Lr Mobile preventing the photos from eating up the storage on the iPhone.  The upcoming trip will be the first with the iPhone6.  We’ll see how well it works out.

In addition to my camera gear, I’m bringing along a laptop and a portable hard drive.  My Tamrac backpack has a laptop compartment that can comfortably fit mine.  I generally transfer the photo files on the camera’s SD card to the computer as soon as I have a chance to in order to free up the card. However, I am not always in a hurry to post-process them.

Other accessories I always bring along are a tripod, ND lens filters, a remote control, a shoulder bag, a small led flashlight and plenty of disposable lens wipes.  These accessories are for low light situations.   My tripod is a 4-section carbon fiber that collapses down to under 2 ft long, easily fit in a checked baggage.  I’ve recently bought a wireless remote control that can be used with both my D750 and a6000 with a swap of the connecting cable.

This is the gear set that works for me based on my current shooting interest.  Although the set can change at some future time, I don’t see any need for an upgrade anytime soon.  At least not within the next year.

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