December 27, 2015

Trang’s Hole In The Wall

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I found this small obscure place by chance.  Our hotel didn’t provide breakfast so I went out searching near by area for some food.  This place is run by a team of uncle (top picture) and niece.  The bottom picture shows the niece standing next to her chef uncle.  The niece takes order and the uncle cooks. For my readers who are not familiar with the term, a hole in the wall refers to a small and obscure restaurant (or bar).  Although the term itself doesn’t say anything about the food quality, the discussion of a hole in the wall is usually about a place the serves good food.

I ordered a take-home to bring back to the hotel so I could share with my wife.   It turned out they didn’t have any plasticware.  She was kind enough to let me have a set of aluminumware.  I felt a bit guilty that she did that without charging me for it and told her I would bring it back.  She gave me a smile and told me not to worry about it.  When I got to taste the food at the hotel,  it was really really good.  The meat (pork meat and internal organs) was tender and the flavor was just right.



The Chef


The next morning after getting all packed up and ready to checkout from our hotel, we came out to the restaurant to eat.   The niece recognized me, and I told her that I was returning the fork and spoon from the previous day.  My wife and went inside and sat at the table toward the back. (The middle picture was taken right about where we sat look back toward the front.  This time we order something soupy and found out how good the soup was.  While we were enjoying our noodles, there were not that many dine-in customers.  However, there was a constant stream of take-home customers at the front.

Hole In The Wall

Inside Looking Out


While walking out after finishing up our meal, I had a chance to chat with the niece and learned a little more about this place.  I complemented her on the meat and the soup and noted my observation to her that the restaurant didn’t have any name. It turned out that the regulars here referred to the restaurant by the uncle’s name which makes perfect sense. Sorry, she told me hist name but I’m not sure if I remember it correctly.  He was close enough to hear the conversation but through out just kept focusing on filling orders.

She and her uncle operate the restaurant, and the uncle was obviously the chef. The picture below shows the niece standing side by side with her uncle. They are opened around 5:30am every morning with the first customer usually shows up around 6am.  They will continue selling until they run of the food they had prepared for the day.  They usually run out of their supplies between 11am and 12pm.


The Chef

If you like noodle dishes and happen to be in Trang, I’d suggest you give this place a try.  but you need to get there early enough.  If you are late they might be sold out already.  The location is shown on the map below.  It’s on Kan Tang Rd across the street from the Krung Thai bank, only a short walk south from the Rama VI intersection.  It’s the only restaurant on that side of the street so you can’t miss it.

Google Map

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